Are we a world of worms
Denied to see the light?
This tiny fraction of a germ
Will not have power to confirm
To make a grave for our sojourn.

Although, perhaps the world
Objecting to man’s pollution,
has just rebelled and hurled
At man, a final solution

Now we take a cleaner breath
And put away the fear of death.
Take thought , Oh mighty man.
Be aware, while still you can.

Extract from 'Words'

The Lake District

Here I awoke to beauty
in the bosom of the earth.
succoured by flowing milky rills,
caressed by verdant pasture.
sweet breath of fern
gently blown upon my face.

This place of lakes and hills
betrays the fingerprint of God;
here will time stand still
while man may catch his breath.

Could Eden’s Garden be more fair,
or earth a better garment wear?

Extract from 'Words'