Reviews - Customer Comments

Ruth of Manchester 2021

I am reading your poetry, keeping the script in my bed under my pillow and it is helping me in coming through quite difficult moments in my life.

Doreen of Edinburgh 2021

Thank you very, very much , Arnold for all this human help coming from you. I am so thankful, indeed.

Jan of Gloucester 2021

I think it is great to have such a beautiful attitude with other people and trying to help them in the daily struggles - especially in the most difficult moments when our life is bringing us confusion and we feel like crawling inside of the foggy tunnel without seeing any light at the end.

Kevin, professional Hospice coordinator 2021

I feel an ideal avenue for this may be through the mindfulness group - the material goes in many ways with the psychological approach, please extend my thanks to Mr Matthews and congratulate him upon his excellent work

Graham of Manchester 2021

What wonderful poetry. Reading the prose it felt as if the author was talking to me in the room. Every time I read the book I went away with positive feelings.