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WORDS is the culmination of over 50 years of Arnold's writings and life experiences.

The poetry is addressed to all faiths and none, to all gender orientations and to Humanitarians. Of course not all poetry appeals to everyone but as stated in the Doctor’s Magazine  ‘The Lancet’ it says that the right sort of poetry can be very therapeutic.  It is for the reader to judge if this is the ‘right sort of poetry’.  The Author invites the recipients of his work to select the material to which they can personally relate, and perhaps re-read from time to time, so that like a song, the impact of new concepts will be revealed and will bring growing joy and understanding, even revelation to the reader. 

Section one is pure poetry for everyone's taste. Section two is combination of poetry & prose for mindfulness and the third part is a selection of Arnold's favourite 'Shaggy Dog Stories'.

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'Words' Contents

Section One - Poetry

The Grass is Greener
The Deadly Pygmies
The Traffic Warden
Illness It & Seems To Me
The Vietnam War
The New Road Sign
The Rape Of Trefor Mountain
Baby Talk
The Partnership
Ode to Maia Gogodze
The Eternal Circle
When Dullness Comes
The weaker Sex
How To Make A Friend
The Plan
The Thunderstorm
The Flying Beaver
Western Canada
Nature's Peace
The Swimmer
Christ's Pores Did Bleed The More.
Light and Time
Summer '95
The Portlander
The Official Ones
Father's Job
The Sacrament

Section Two - Poetry & Prose

The Family of Man + Prose
Animals + Prose
The Lake District + Prose
Love is Stronger Than Death + Prose
Take Courage + Prose
Still Love Them + Prose
'SOMME' + Prose
Seduced + Prose
Pensive Thought + Prose
My Universal Home + Prose
Motivation + Prose
In Memoriam + Prose
If + Prose
Hands + Prose
Temple Sealed + Prose
Eternity + Prose
Sounds + Prose
A Few Suggestions to Consider
Lend to a friend

Section Three - Shaggy Dog Stories

Snake Bite
Collision of Dignitaries. & the Initiative
Poetry Afterthought
The Coloured Umbrella
Oh Dear Bishop, What Are You Saying?
Mrs 'Q' and Her Erstwhile Friend.
The Acorn before it Became an Oak Tree
The Grass Eaters
The Hamster & the Frog
A Cautionary Tale
The Tree Surgeon
The Corner Shop
The Tramp