The Lake District
Could Eden's Garden
be more fair,
or earth a better
garment wear?
When you see a traffic warden
They're doing quite a job,
don't give them cause to sob;
Let's not be so smart and witty,
Without them, t'would be a pity!
Now we take a cleaner breath
And put away the fear of death.
Take thought , Oh mighty man.
Be aware, while still you can.

Croeso - Welcome

‘WORDS’ is not just a book of Poetry. It is a vehicle conveying the life experience, compiled over a period of over sixty years, of a very ordinary man who discovered the art of communication through the medium of Poetry.

The book is presented in three parts. Part One is poetry written in a variety of rhythms and styles, containing a mixture of serious and humorous themes.

Part Two has been described by outside observers as written in the style of Mindfulness. It is coupled as poems with prose deliberately and shown in the form of a Course helping to eliminate Stress, or to counteract the sort of daily anxieties that most of us experience from time to time.

Part Three is a choice of Shaggy-Dog stories, chosen by the Author as classic humour of miscellaneous comedians of past years.

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