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Arnold Matthews

Words by Arnold Matthews - Poetry & Life Experience

‘WORDS’ is not just a book of Poetry. It is a vehicle conveying the life experience, compiled over a period of over sixty years, of a very ordinary man who discovered the art of communication through the medium of Poetry.

The book is presented in three parts. Part One is poetry written in a variety of rhythms and styles, containing a mixture of serious and humorous themes.

Part Two has been described by outside observers as written in the style of Mindfulness. It is coupled as poems with prose deliberately and shown in the form of a Course helping to eliminate Stress, or to counteract the sort of daily anxieties that most of us experience from time to time.

Part Three is a choice of Shaggy-Dog stories, chosen by the Author as classic humour of miscellaneous comedians of past years.

Arnold Mattews - The Poet who shares prizes on his personal PREMIUM BONDS.

Arnold is very polite - he says 'Thank-You', a FREE GIFT for reading his E-Book 'WORDS'

The Product

Words by Arnold Matthews - Poetry & Life Experience
Please Note* We define the term 'e-book' as PDF for all instances on this web site. We feel that PDF format is the best option for flexibility

The Sampler - £3.00

Contains a selection from each section of the e-book including extracts from the spoken and visual versions of the book. The Sampler comes with an allocation to one of Arnold's Premium Bond Numbers. If you decide to purchase the full e-book after the Sampler, the difference is deducted from the full price and an allocation to nine more allocations to Arnold's Premium Bond Numbers!

  • Sample of the eBook containing 6 Poems and other information
  • Plus - First 5 minutes of the video 'Somme'
  • Plus - Video of two Shaggy Dog Stories
  • Plus - Two poems from the video 'The Spoken Word'
  • Plus - An allocation to One of Arnold's premium Bond Numbers for 12 Months

The Complete e-book package - £15.00

  • Contains the full PDF illustrated version to download
  • Plus - Spoken word - The Author reading a selection of his Poetry and music from Opera singer Darryl Babage
  • Plus - The film ‘SOMME’ Produced by the Author at Menin Gate 
  • Plus - Shaggy Dog Stories - Video
  • Plus - One hour Interview with Arnold
  • Plus - An allocation to Ten of Arnold's Premium Bond Numbers for 12 Months.

The Concept

Arnold Matthews is no chicken and this is probably the last decade of his mortal life. Arnold has decided therefore to donate the major part of his personal investments in his National Savings PREMIUM BOND Stocks to the Food Banks and other charities.

Arnold encloses with each Publication that is sold one to ten copies of each of his own PREMIUM BOND Numbers and whenever any of those Numbers become due for a Prize Dividend out of the £107 Million pounds monthly prize distributions by the NS&I (Premium Bonds) the Poet will donate 60% of the Prize money to the Reader holding the copy of the Bond number to their nearest FOOD BANK, or, a charity of the Reader's choice.

All Readers are entitled to invite their friends to invest in Arnold's e-book & Package and when they do so, they will have the same opportunity as described above and the introducing Reader will be given a further 10% of the full Prize value if they agree to pass it on to any charity of their choice, or to any member of their family or friends who are in need of financial support.
Please consider supporting this Plan so the more of Arnold's Packages are distributed, the more people will benefit from his work, or the support for charities that all our Readers know, with full confidence.

Please Note - If after buying the Sampler you proceed to purchase the full package - Allocation date is from the purchase date of the Sampler. All bond allocations last for 12 months

The Author benefits in this Plan by the promotion of his work, but it was designed as his contribution to the ill effects brought about by the Covid-19 epidemic. Thank you all for your participation.


As we all know 'Charity begins at home' - When you buy either package, you will be able to select up to two charities that would benefit from your potential winnings!