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Bonds for Charity!

When each book is purchased we assign 5 Premuim Bonds to that Sale for a period of six months. You will be able to tell us your local food bank.

If there are any winnings from the Premium Bond draws within that period (on any of your assigned numbers) we will donate 50% to your chosen food bank.

If you do not wish to participate in the scheme you may simply opt out at the time of purchase.

The scheme has no extra costs to you, it is simply Charity to those that need it the most!

Pesonal Explanation


My Book 'WORDS' was started in 1970 and only now being published after 60 years, it is my life-times work. because of that I have no need to make money now. I Have been gifted with a long life and, as my Swansong, the creation of finance for sustaining Food Banks but a good way of helping many of our people suffering today, I am not a rich man but by using the small margin that I make from the Production of the Book and Digital Package of entertainment, I might create a substantial contribution for the benefit of the charities.

I am asking my Readers to indicate upon their placing an order on my website if they would give their support of my idea and choose their nearest Food Bank, or a Charity whom they already support, and the result from the ten Premium Bond numbers that are sent with your Order will be the ones upon which I shall donate 50% of the value of all Prize Dividends becoming due.

If you do not agree to my offer, you may opt out of my scheme, PREMIUM BONDS is a chance but it is not a gamble like the National Lottery, because the capital is guaranteed by the Government. Their Monthly Prize Fund has reached One Hundred Million Pounds and 5.4 Million people receive a Prize, or Prizes, every month. It seems to me to be the perfect way to raise money.

Thank you, all the best and enjoy.